Son is the master of his mother Part 1

CHAPTER 1: Strayed, Caught and Blackmailed (MF, mF, inc, blackmail,

Marjory B—, or Marge as she is known to many of her intimates, is
a 35 year old mother of two teens, Greg who is nearly 17, and 15
year old Pam. They and her husband Roy had moved into a fairly up-
market suburban area about two years ago, when Roy’s IT business
started to take off, and just recently into an even larger and more
prestigious home.

Roy is about 45. Marge and Roy had married before she turned 18,
as a result of her pregnancy with Greg. Her strict church-going
parents had not been enthusiastic about her going out with Roy
(then already 28), and were horrified when she fell pregnant (as a
result of a burst condom at a critical time). But they accepted
the situation in good grace.

Twenty months after Greg was born, along came Pam as well, just a
few days after Marge’s 20th birthday. As they felt they could not
afford more c***dren at that time, she had an IUD fitted. This
eventually caused problems, and around the same time that they had
relocated, Marge went on to the pill.

In spite of being a teenage mother, Marge managed to complete a
course in dress design, and was able largely to work from home
creating items for a very exclusive boutique, where she
occasionally served over weekends. This helped to boost their
income while Roy’s business was still developing, while still
allowing her to be at home for the c***dren most of the time.

Marge is now 6 months pregnant. Her socialite friends in the
neighbourhood are thrilled for her, although they giggle about the
gap between the new baby and her older k**s. How the local
gossipers would relish the truth if they got wind of it!! For Marge
cannot be sure of who the father of her baby is. In fact, the
truth might well come out eventually, as there is an odds-on chance
at her baby will be much too chocolate-coloured to be consistent
with their white Anglo-Saxon f****y backgrounds.

This is the story of how this situation came to be, as told by
Marjory in her own words.

………………… Marjory’s story ……………….

As the c***dren became less dependent upon me, I found that my sex
drive increased enormously. Unfortunately, Roy was increasingly
caught up in his work in the IT company, and spent quite large
amounts of time away from home. When he returned, he was often
tired and stressed, so that I had little relief, and seemed to be
horny all the time. I masturbated many times a day, and fantasized
about increasingly bizarre affairs.

The start of the change from fantasy to reality was about two years
ago, when we moved to the larger suburban house. It had a large
back garden that was secluded on three sides, but the fence between
us and the neighbour on one side was a little rickety, and
completely open at one or two points. This neighbour was a single
German guy, Kurt, who was about five years younger than myself, and
seemed to be at home a lot of the time. He directed TV adverts,
and had periods when he worked night and day for a week or more;
but then seemed to do nothing perhaps for a couple of weeks. He
was an absolute dish: tall, blonde and athletic, with a bit of an
arrogant air about him. I soon noticed that he had an array of
girls spending time with him, and from what I could hear across the
fence, he really had them all at his beck and call.

It was not long before we were chatting across the broken fence.
It was early spring when we moved in. He had a private swimming
pool, and as the weather warmed up (quite early in our part of the
world), much of the time Kurt was dressed in no more than a brief
swimsuit which showed clearly that he was very well-endowed.
Soon, my fantasies revolved around Kurt, and as I masturbated I
imagined him ordering me to suck his cock, or forcing himself on
me. Like a schoolgirl, I started wearing flimsy clothes in the
back garden, often with no bra (something I didn’t often do, as my
tits are a definite C-cup size with large nipples that harden
rather easily) and with strategic buttons popped open. I got quite
wet when I noticed him looking at my tits!

Shortly before the c***dren finished school for their summer
vacation, I was working one still warm morning in the back garden.
I could see Kurt cleaning his pool, and we waved to each other.
After an hour or so, he called across to me, to ask whether I’d
like to share a drink with him. I slipped through the fence and
joined him, and we reclined on two loungers, sipping ice cold fruit
juices. I made some remark about how inviting the pool looked, to
which he responded: “Well, feel free to have a dip”. I said I
would slip to get my swimsuit, but he said: “Why bother? We’re
quite private here; we can skinny dip”. I tried to argue, but his
f***efulness soon overcame my inhibitions, and a few minutes later
we were splashing around naked in his pool. Before long, he had his
arms around me from the back, and had placed his hands on my
breasts. I could feel the nipples hardening as he leant over and
started kissing me. His stiff cock was pressing against my
buttocks. I tried to struggle, telling him that I was a married
woman, that someone would see us, etc.; but he ignored my protests
almost disdainfully.

I hardly noticed as he lifted me out of the pool, and lay me on one
of the loungers, with my feet on either side, leaving my womanhood
gaping open. He dropped between my legs, and moved up to start
sucking on my nipples which were now rock-hard. At the same time,
he pushed two fingers up my pussy, as his thumb rubbed on my clit.
I still moaned “No …. No …. No”, but my quickly juicing vagina
betrayed me totally, and almost uncontrollably I thrusted my pelvis
against his hand, trying to get more of it into me. His lips moved
up my breast across my neck and to my lips, where I welcomed him
open-mouthed. His tongue entered my mouth at the same time as his
rigid prick penetrated my vagina. It felt so delightfully full, he
was obviously much thicker than Roy; and longer as well! I could
feel the head rubbing the entrance to my cervix in a way I never
felt with Roy. I was in ecstasy as wave after wave of orgasmic
climaxes swept over me. Kurt seemed to go on for ever, although it
couldn’t have been much more than 5 or 8 minutes before he spasmed
and pumped me full of his sperm.

For a while I lay in post-coital bliss, but then suddenly became
aware of what I had done; the first time I had been unfaithful to
my husband, who had also been my only lover up to that moment. “Oh
God, what have we done; what have you done to me?” I wailed in
dismay, as I pushed him off of me. I grabbed my clothes, and ran
for the fence. I heard his voice almost mockingly calling after
me: “Why are you going so soon? Is it something I said? Come swim
again soon!”.

I was almost in tears when I ran into our house, I was so ashamed
of what I had done. How could I face Kurt or Roy or my k**s again?
But in between it all, I could also not erase the memory of those
exquisite sensations as he had filled me with his cock.

Well, I managed to shower and to clean myself up, and was more
composed when Greg and Pam returned from school. They asked me why
I was so quiet, but I don’t think I otherwise gave anything away.
That night, I initiated love-making with Roy, initially to assuage
my guilt feelings, but was almost surprised when I came strongly

For the next few days I avoided the garden and seeing Kurt,
although I could not get the memory and feeling of our frenetic
fucking in the open air out of my mind. On the next Monday morning
at about 10am, some time after the rest of the f****y had left,
there was a ring on our doorbell. When I opened it, there was Kurt
leaning on the wall, with that mocking smile of his. He was
dressed in t-shirt and shorts, and I could clearly see the outline
of at least a semi-erection in his shorts. “I thought you’d be
just the person to lend me a cup of sugar” he smirked, holding out
a mug. Before I could even think of a response, he walked in
through the door, closed it, took me in his arms and kissed me. I
pushed back to no avail, but then against my better judgement
relaxed and began returning the kiss. His hands found the zip at
the back of my summer dress, and within seconds that was lying in a
heap at my feet as he unclasped by bra which quickly joined my
dress on the floor. Kurt threw me effortlessly over his shoulder,
carrying me wearing only my panties to find our bedroom. I beat my
fists on his backs, crying out for him to put me down. He ignored
my cries, and in truth I was becoming quite turned on by this near-
**** scene.

He found the room, and dropped me on the bed, immediately crawling
up between my legs. He pulled a knife from his pocket, and simply
cut through the elastic of my panties before tearing them off. His
head dipped into my crotch and I felt his tongue running up and
down my pussy lips, every now and then teasing my clit with a quick
flick. Gradually his tongue went deeper and deeper, and after a
while he sucked on my clit each time his tongue reached the upper
end of my crack. I went wild. I could not control myself. My
legs thrashed about, I played with my nipples, and I screamed as I
had never done before. Roy had never done more than plant a couple
of kisses on my vaginal lips, in spite of my urging him to do more,
so this was a new experience for me. In the meantime, and without
breaking his licking and sucking, Kurt had stripped off his
clothes. He then swung himself round with his legs pointed to the
head of the bed. His straining cock was level with my face, and I
brought my hands up to caress his genitals. I had not previously
seen them very closely. Now I found that I couldn’t close my hand
around it; and when I clasped both hands one above the other around
it (like holding a baseball bat), the entire head part still
stretched beyond my fists. His hairy balls were equally massive.
Tentatively I sucked the head of his shaft into my lips.

At this point, Kurt rolled over on to his back, dragging me with
him, so that my legs still straddled his face. Now his tongue
could probe even deeper! With one hand, he pressed gently on the
back of my head, forcing me to take more and more of his cock into
my mouth. I felt the tip against the back of my throat and nearly
gagged, but an almost automatic swallowing reflex occurred, and the
next moment his cock was right down my throat and my lips were on
the base of his shaft. Kurt really began fucking my face at that
point, thrusting so hard that it hurt a bit. But at the same time
he alternated between tongue-fucking me and sucking on my clit,
while he inserted first one and then two fingers up my anus. I went
absolutely wild as orgasm after orgasm seemed to hit me. I sucked
and licked on his prick, and kept up a swallowing action on its tip
down my throat. As I hit the largest climax of all, I was aware of
his groaning and the feel of his cum shooting down my throat.
Gradually we relaxed and slowly fell apart.

Kurt turned himself round so that we lay on our sides facing each
other, and we gently started kissing again. Within 15 minutes this
had progressed to heavy french-kissing again, and I could feel his
shaft rock-hard against my thigh. I allowed my legs to fall wide
open, and I pulled him across to lie on top of me. His cock
slipped instantly right up to the hilt in my juicy hole. I raised
my legs up; he slipped his arms under them, and lifted my calves to
rest on his shoulders, as he started to fuck me in real earnest.
My God! I had never had my vagina feeling so full, and I could
feel him penetrating right into my uterus. I thought he would pop
out the other side! I went absolutely berserk, as I had never in
my life done before. I heard myself screaming; I beat my legs on
his shoulders, and thrust harder against him trying to suck him in
almost as the reverse of the birth process. I came and came as
never before, and when he finally pumped his load into me, I almost
passed out.

When we ultimately recovered from our passion, Kurt pulled me to me
feet and drew me into the shower, where we tenderly washed each
other. Then, completely naked, we went downstairs to the kitchen.
I half-heartedly protested that someone might come and catch us,
but Kurt simply laughed and said “let them!”. He got me to make up
eggs, bacon and coffee, and we enjoyed a breakfast sitting still
totally naked in the living room. A little later, we opened a
bottle of wine which we polished off (but I think that I ended up
having a lot more than half … a pattern that would often be
repeated in the next months). I became a little drowsy, and slept
for a while, resting my head on his naked thighs.

I awoke to the feel of Kurt’ fingers gently rubbing my clit. I
glanced at the clock, and started worrying that one of the k**s
might return early from school, as it was already after 1pm. But
that didn’t seem to worry Kurt, and he ended up fucking me from
behind as I leaned over the arm of a chair. Shortly after that,
however, he grabbed his clothes and went out the back way to his
house, and I had time to clean up and get properly dressed before
Greg and Pam returned from school.


This set the scene for the next six months or so. Kurt took me
entirely for granted as his cum-dump for whenever he felt the need
(and had no other girlfriends visiting). Within a week , he had
offered to let our f****y have unrestricted use of his swimming
pool, and also offered to help with remodelling of our garden.
Roy, in fact, helped him clear a convenient path through the fence
between our properties. Very soon none of the f****y seemed to
consider it strange to find Kurt in the house when they returned
from school, friends or office, perhaps enjoying a cold drink.

Kurt insisted that I leave our backdoor unlocked at all times, so
that he could walk in and fuck me at his convenience. I would be
working somewhere in the house, and would suddenly feel his hands
on my tits or pulling my panties down, and the next moment he would
be pumping away into me from behind, a position he seemed to enjoy.
I was in a continual state of sexual arousal, so that I would come
almost immediately, even when caught unexpectedly.

At times I felt I should not let myself be used in this way, but
the problem was that I found myself increasingly turned on by being
his sex-object, and even came to resent the times when he had other
girl friends around (during which time I needed to relieve myself
by hand, or by making use of the dildo and vibrator which Kurt gave
me … as he also liked to watch me playing with myself). Kurt
also seemed to be particularly turned on by fucking me in positions
or times where there was a risk of being caught! Many was the time
that he would appear in the house not long before the c***dren were
to return from school, and would have me on the couch in the living
room, or even in my bedroom, blouse open, skirt up round my waits,
bra and panties off as he fucked me, knowing full well that in my
state of arousal I was incapable of fucking quietly! On a few
occasions, his cock was still buried up my cunt when we’d hear the
front-door opening. At such times, I would end up greeting the
c***dren and preparing snacks, not wearing bra or panties and fully
conscious of Kurt’s cum leaking out of my pussy. I had a strong
suspicion that Greg at least was aware of my braless state. Even
when others were in the house, Kurt was not scared to slip a hand
into my blouse or under my skirt to cop a quick feel.

Twice over the six or seven months after the start of our affair,
Kurt spent the entire night in my bed. On both occasions, Roy was
away on business, while the k**s were having sl**p-overs with
friends. On these occasions, Kurt brought over some of his
extensive selection of XXX-rated movies, which we played on the VCR
in our bedroom. He would also bring a pack of wine-coolers, which
we consumed with gusto; afterwards, I realized that Kurt encouraged
me to consume much more than he did, so that I was usually pretty
sloshed before too long. We lay naked on my marriage bed as we
watched. I had never thought I would get so turned on by porn, but
I was! The combination of Kurt’s caresses, the sights and sounds
of other couples fucking, and the sheer thrill of the danger of
being caught in flagrante turned me on beyond belief. I just
wanted to fuck continuously, and well nigh wore even Kurt out!
While waiting for him to recover, I would use the dildo and
vibrator to bring myself to orgasm after orgasm. I found myself
being turned on particularly by movies showing women entertaining
multiple partners, and even of gang-bangs. As I masturbated, I
fantasized about numbers of men queueing up to pork me.

It seemed only a matter of time before we would get caught, as Kurt
would often stay in my bed until hardly minutes before one or other
of Greg or Pam were due home. And, indeed, it was on the third
occasion on which Roy and both c***dren were away for the night,
that we were well and truly caught by Greg.


This occurred a little over 6 months after I had started fucking
Kurt. He had received a business offer that he could not refuse,
and within a few weeks he was ready to move to another city. I had
mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was still often racked with
guilt, and felt that this perhaps would break my addiction to
illicit sex. But on the other hand, I had to admit that I had
become dependent on continual sexual stimulation which could not be
entirely satisfied by artificial cocks!

On the weekend before Kurt was due to leave, Roy was again away,
while Pam was going with a friend’s f****y on a camping trip from
Friday to Sunday. I suspect that I was a little too eager to
suggest that Greg might like to spend Friday night with friends, as
he looked at me a little strangely before agreeing that it may be a
good idea.

Before getting to that last night with Kurt, I need to describe
something of what had been happening with Greg and Pam over the
previous year or two.

Pam had just turned 14 by this time. She had entered puberty quite
young, and by the time she turned 12 she had already developed a
quite substantial pair of tits rivalling mine, and was regularly
menstruating. She was by that time already quite boy-mad, although
to her frustration boys of her own age were still largely
uninterested. As a result she started dating boys a bit older, and
judging from her flushed look when she had been with them, she was
getting quite deeply involved. About two months before her 14th
birthday, she had shown up with Jon, a motor-bike enthusiast of
about 17. I should have been worried, and put my foot down, but I
was so entangled in my own affair with Kurt that I took no action,
even when she went on quite long outings with Jon and a number of
his biking mates.

From about the time Greg had turned 14, he had become increasingly
cocky and arrogant. He also took to sl**ping in the nude, and when
Roy was not around often swaggered between bedroom and bathroom
completely naked. More often than not, he sported quite a
substantial hard-on, which he made no effort to hide. Pam told him
he was disgusting, and I made various feeble protests, but these he
ignored. I think he saw how Kurt treated his girlfriends, and
started to emulate this attitude. Over the few months before the
events I shall now be describing, Greg had taken to deliberately
brushing himself against Pam and myself. At times he would hug me
from behind, and I would definitely feel his boner pressing against
my arse cheeks. At other times, he managed to press his arm
against my tits semi-accidentally, and would rub against them. I
knew that I should take some action, but in truth I found it just a
little exciting that my own son could find me attractive,
especially given my own heightened sexuality at this time.

In any case, that last Friday night came round. Pam was picked up
by the parents of the friend she was spending the weekend with.
Greg took a small backpack with his goods, and headed out after
kissing me goodbye while squashing himself against my tits. He put
his arms round me as well, and I’m sure he noticed that I was not
wearing a bra. I hoped he didn’t realize that I was without
panties as well.

They were hardly gone before Kurt appeared through the back door,
complete with videos and wine coolers. He slipped his hands under
my skirt and found my bare arse. In one swift movement, he had the
dress over my head and on the floor, leaving me totally naked
except for high-heeled sandals and a gold chain round my waist.
While kissing me fiercely, he pushed me back into our sitting room
and against our sofa on to which I collapsed, my legs falling wide
open. In an instant, he had his own trousers off and fell on top
of me, his cock immediately finding its mark and penetrating deep
into my vagina. I started cumming almost instantly, and I thrust
my pelvis hard back against him. He pulled my legs back over his
shoulders and I could feel the tip of his penis caressing the
entrance to my womb. I knew this was crazy; one of the c***dren
might return any moment to pick up something they had forgotten,
but I couldn’t care. I grabbed my hands round Kurt’s arse-cheeks,
and pulled him more tightly into me. It was only minutes before I
could feel his warm spunk filling my womb, and I milked his cock
with my vaginal muscles for as long as I could. But I couldn’t
hold on to his slippery cock for ever, and a few minutes later as
our breathing started to return to normal it slipped out with a
gentle ‘plop’.

“Wow”, I gasped, “that was quick but fantastic!”. Kurt offered me
one of the wine coolers which I swallowed back almost without
break, before taking another. The result was that I was already
quite tipsy when Kurt carried me up to the bedroom, and dropped me
on the bed while he inserted the first video in the player. It
turned out to be a mild bondage video, showing a woman of roughly
my age being bound up in various ways as three somewhat younger
guys ****d her repeatedly. I must have downed a third cooler while
watching this movie, as I began feeling hotter and hotter. By the
time the movie came to an end, I was sucking ferociously on Kurt’s
cock as I rubbed my own clittie in desperation. Kurt lay back and
laughed at me. “That really turned you on, you little pervert!
Let me get you more into it.” With that he produced some ropes and
handcuffs out of a bag he had with him. As I giggled in my
slightly sloshed state, he handcuffed my wrists together above my
head. He then attached a rope to it which he looped around the one
bedpost, but allowing some slack (so that I could move my hands
together to the bedside table and help myself to another cooler
which stood there). As I drank, he attached both of my ankles
rather more tightly to each of the posts at the bottom of the bed,
leaving me spreadeagled with my legs wide open. He then threw the
key of the handcuffs to the other side of the room leaving me at
his mercy.

This turned me on so much that I could feel my pussy juices leaking
out. I wanted to rub myself, but of course couldn’t. Kurt
inserted the next movie, and joined me on the bed. He teased me
sucking gently on my nipples, and gently rubbing his finger up my
crack. I was going almost berserk as he brought me to the edge of
orgasm without letting me cum fully. I screamed “you bastard, put
it in me … fuck me …”. Then slowly he relented, by sucking
harder and longer on my tit while starting to finger fuck me more
vigorously. I was on the point of coming when …. FLASH!!! ….
Kurt pulled back and I looked up to see Greg holding his new
digital camera which his father had bought for him a few weeks
earlier, and with a broad wicked grin on his face. FLASH … a
second picture of me lying with my legs wide open. “Oh my God”,
cried Kurt. He grabbed his clothes and rushed out, leaving me on
my own with my fifteen year old son and his camera.

I called to Kurt to untie me before he went, but he was gone. I
struggled in vain against my bonds. “Please untie me”, I pleaded
with Greg, but he just grinned, and to my horror started taking
more photographs of me. “No way”, he added; “I rather like seeing
my sexy mother in all her glory”. He then sat down next to me and
began watching the movie still playing on the screen as he rested
one hand on my thigh, gently stroking along the inside, edging ever
nearer to my pussy lips. “No, turn off the VCR”, I cried, “the
movie is for adults only”. “Oh dear”, he replied with a wicked
grin, “you mean it’s OK for me to see my mommy fucking the
neighbour, but that seeing it on the screen will corrupt me … the
trouble is, I think I’m already corrupted”.

I stretched across to grab another wine cooler from the side of the
bed, and downed it to soothe the dryness in my mouth. This was a
bad idea, as I was already somewhat tipsy, and I spilt some of the
liquid, which Greg managed to capture on yet another camera shot.
At that point, he saw my vibrator lying on the bedside table, which
he picked up an inserted into my cunt, turning it on. The
inevitable happened; against my conscious will I started to come
… more photographs!

Then, to my further horror, I realized that Greg was shedding his
clothes, and I stared in fascination at his quite substantial hard-
on sticking proudly out. He kneeled on the bed next to my head,
which he grabbed and pulled towards my cock. “No … No”, I
screamed again, “I’m your mother ….”. But even as my mind told
me this was evil, my body was reacting to the situation I was in,
and I opened my mouth almost instinctively to swallow his rampant
organ. I was already so used to deep-throating Kurt that I
naturally moved my throat into position to accept the full length
of his cock, as my nose pushed hard against his pubic hair. Only
dimly now did I become aware of more flashes as the camera went
off. I did become aware of his spasmodic jerking as he shot cum
down my throat.

Greg pulled out of my mouth, and crawled down my body, pausing to
suckle on the teats he had fed from as a baby. I had enjoyed the
sensation even then, but now this was driving me to the edge of
orgasm. His lips went lower, across my belly and down into my
crotch, where he ran his tongue up an down my nether lips, pausing
sometimes to suck on my clit. I thrashed around on the bed, no
longer caring that this was my teenage son, it was a man, and I
needed a man. By now his manhood was at full attention again, and
as if from a far distance I watched as he knelt between my splayed
legs and positioned his cock at my hole. Slowly, slowly I felt it
penetrate, and before belong he was thrusting deep into the same
hole out of which he had come nearly 16 years earlier. Once again
there were flashes, as he took further pictures of his penis
sliding in and out of my vagina, but I was beyond caring. I thrust
back at him as the first of my orgasms swept over me. It seemed to
go on forever. I must have screamed the place down. Then, with a
series of grunts, Greg pumped his seed deep into my womb.

I must have passed out around then, as result of the alcohol and
orgasmic pleasures. When I awoke again, the house was dark and
quiet, and I had been untied. I just rolled over and went back to

When I awoke again, it was morning. Gradually my befuddled mind
cleared, and in horror I started to recall the events of the
previous night. Was it a bad dream? Unfortunately, no! I
staggered out of bed and slipped on a robe, and went to find Greg.
I heard him in his room, and as his door was open, I went in. He
was sitting at his computer. I gasped in horror, as I saw on the
screen a photograph of my self sucking an anonymous cock, a look of
depraved pleasure on my face. Greg heard, and turned around with a
wicked grin. Idly, he started hitting keys, and one by one,
pornographic images of myself, clearly recognizable, appeared on
the screen.

“Please, Greg, you must delete those now, before anyone finds them
on your computer”, I cried. “I’ll do anything you want, but you
must get rid of them”. He leaned back and smiled. For the first
time, I noticed that he was naked, with a massive erection sticking
up, which he slowly stroked.

“Well”, he grinned evilly at me, “I could delete them. I suppose
you are capable of deleting them while I’m not around. But let me
warn you that I have backed up all these pictures on to two
separate password-protected internet back-up services. So as
regards doing anything I want, you had better keep to that promise.
You wouldn’t want me to get cross and to post these to an open
internet site, perhaps e-mailing the address to some of your
friends or to Dad!”

I stared at him in horror, with a cold feeling in my stomach. “You
wouldn’t, would you”, I gasped out.

“Try me”, he grinned again.

“Wh .. Wh .. What do you want of me” I stammered out.

“I’ll need to think my demands through”, Greg said pensively. But
as a start, why don’t you go and get me some breakfast before you
leave for the boutique”. (It being Saturday, I was going there for
a few hours.)

That sounded easy, so I turned to go. But his voice stopped me.
“My first demand is that while we are alone at home you will remain
naked at all times, so take off that robe before you go downstairs”
he stated in a calm voice.

“No …”, I started to say. He turned to his computer screen with
the words “well let’s see where we can post these”. Almost in
tears, I slipped the robe off in front of him, dropped it in my
room, and went downstairs to get his breakfast.

A few minutes later, Greg appeared, equally naked, and sat down for
me to serve him with the bacon, eggs and toast I had prepared.
“Why don’t you suck me off while I eat”, he suggested. I paused,
saw his expression, and resignedly crawled under the table to do
his bidding. Once I started, however, I found myself being turned
on by this degraded position, just as I was with Kurt. I rubbed my
clit with one hand as I massaged his dong with the other, sucking
it ever more deeply into my mouth. Before long I was deep-
throating him.

“Jeez, mom, that’s fucking way out … you really are a fantastic
cock-sucker” he screamed as he thrust himself hard into my face.
Before long, I could feel his jism spurting into my throat, and I
was almost sorry that it was so quickly over.

“Do you have a dildo as well as a vibrator?” he asked as he
regained his breath. Reddening, I said yes. “Go fetch it, and also
pick up the camera in my room”, Greg ordered.

“No please, no more pictures”, I pleaded.

“It’s that or I post what I have!” was his unsympathetic reply. So
I did what I was told.

Greg directed me to sit on the kitchen table, and to work myself to
an orgasm with the dildo as he shot off further pictures. Once
again, once I got going I became increasingly aroused and was soon
writhing around in genuine orgasm, hardly noticing him taking his

When I came back to earth, I realized that I was late, and would
need to get going for my shift at the boutique. I told Greg, to
which he replied: “Well, OK, you had better get going. But my
second demand is that when you are not naked with me, you will no
longer wear any underwear. And only short skirts, definitely no
pants at any time. Let’s go check your wardrobe for something

I tried to protest, but to no avail; it was that or have him post
my pictures. Strangely perhaps, I worried more about going braless
than pantieless. It’s not that my breasts are all that large; they
don’t really droop that much without support. But I have huge and
dark aureolae that I was always a little embarrassed about. And
what’s worse, any stimulation or a bit of cold weather, and they
seem to me to stand out like little penises.

But, fifteen minutes later I was on my way to the boutique, wearing
a thin knitted top that definitely showed my nipples if you looked
carefully, and a short white skirt that was almost halfway up my
thigh. And of course, no bra or panties. I had to move very
carefully that day, and even so I noticed the men who came into the
store eyeing me very intently.

At 4.00pm my shift was over, and Greg met me at the door. He
slipped his hand under my skirt to check that I was obeying
instructions, and then told me that we were going shopping.
Firstly, he wanted me to buy a couple of pairs of really high-
heeled pumps which I was to wear at home when we were alone, and at
other special times he would nominate. We were to try a few
stores. If a woman assistant asked if I needed help, I would say I
was just looking around. We would keep trying stores until a man
offered to help. I would then ask to see three or four pairs, and
would sit to try them on until I had selected two pairs.

It was only at the fourth shop, when a young guy of about 19 asked
if he could help, and so I went into my routine as Greg watched
from the side. Although I tried to be discreet, I am sure that the
young man had glimpses all the way up to my pussy; he was certainly
VERY attentive. I could hardly look at him, and I felt my face
bl**d-red, but at the same time my pussy was juicing up and I
longed to rub myself for relief.

After leaving the shoe store, we went to my car, and Greg
instructed me to drive to a nearby sex-shop. He told me to put on
one of my new pairs of shoes. He then instructed me to go into the
store and to purchase the largest dildo they had and two fuck
videos, preferably with a mother-son i****t theme. The guy behind
the counter leered at me as I made the purchases, and yet again my
face was beetroot-red but my pussy soaking wet.

Back home, I put my purchases away in a safe place and moved to the
kitchen to get something to eat. Quietly, Greg said: “Aren’t you
forgetting something?”. Oh hell, I was supposed to strip again,
and to put on the high-heeled shoes.

“But what if someone comes to visit us?” I wailed to Greg.

“OK”, he replied, “I’ll cut you some slack. You can hang that
beach wrap of yours at the front door, and if someone comes you can
slip it on”.

Now this wrap was normally worn over my swimsuit. It buttoned up
the front, and the hem was well above mid thigh. Furthermore it
rather tended to flap open below the bottom button which was only
an inch or two below my crotch. It also showed substantial cleavage
at the top. But still, it was better than nothing. So I went to
my room, stripped, and brought down the wrap to hang behind the

“But”, Greg went on, “in return for this slack, you must answer the
door if anyone comes. In fact, to test out your willingness to
obey, I have ordered a pizza for our supper. When the delivery boy
comes, invite him right inside while you look for your purse to pay

By now, I was totally in Greg’s control, and I did as I was told
without murmur. When the delivery boy came, it turned out to be
Sean, one of Greg’s school friends who was about a year older than
him. When I opened the door, Sean’s mouth dropped and he tried
hard but unsuccessfully not to stare. I asked him in, and Greg
kept him talking for some while, during which I felt the boy’s eyes
burning on me. Although he tried to hide it, the bulge in Sean’s
pants was very evident.

Once Sean had left, and I was naked once more, we had pizza and
wine before sitting to watch the movies. Greg made me sit on the
floor between his legs as he sat on a chair. It was a stone-tiled
floor, but he allowed me to get an old blanket so that I did not
have to sit on the cold floor.

Greg had me insert the new dildo deep into my cunt as we sat there.
He made me fuck myself with it from time to time; for the rest I
had just to leave it inserted. His hands played with my tits, and
every now and then he pulled my face into his crotch to suck him.
Before the first movie was over, he had come for the first time.
He shot his sperm all over my face and tits, and made me rub it in.
He would not allow me to go to the bathroom to clean up.

In fact he would not allow me to go to the bathroom at all, for any
reason. Even when I pleaded to go for a desperately needed piss,
he would not let me up. In fact, he ran his hands down my front
and started to put pressure on my bladder. I groaned … I wriggled
… I begged, but he would not give in. Eventually the inevitable
happened, and to my huge embarrassment, I started to pee on the
floor (well on the blanket I was sitting on). Even then, he kept
me sitting there in my piss, until we had watched both movies right
through. By that time, I had peed again twice, and he had shot
another load over my shoulders which he made me rub into my tits as

Eventually, when both movies were finished, Greg got up and
stretched. “Go dump that blanket in the laundry, and get yourself
showered before you come to bed”, he ordered. I did as I was told,
and by the time I got to my bedroom, he was in my bed, lying on his
back stroking a huge erection.

“Come, ride me, you slut!”

I knew that I no longer had control. I sat astride my son, and
with my hands guided his rampant organ up my gaping hole. The
combination of the sex movies, the stimulation of the dildo up my
pussy and of Greg’s hands on me, and the turn-on caused by my
humiliation in front of him for the past few hours, had me
desperate for the relief of a full climax. I rode him like a woman
possessed, masturbating myself on his cock as I rubbed my clit. He
lay there passively smiling, but reached up to start pulling on my
nipples. I went berserk! I screamed and bounced wildly, calling
irrationally for him to “give momma your seed … fill my womb …
Oh I wish I weren’t on the pill … I want your baby”. Oh the
blessed relief as I climaxed more than once before feeling Greg
letting fly with his sperm.

As our passion subsided, I dropped down to lie next to Greg. He
turned off the bedside lights and I must have been instantly

I awoke the next morning to feeling of Greg’s hard-on pressing in
between my arse-cheeks. With a sigh, I opened my legs to allow him
access. Eagerly, his young cock pushed deep into my cavity as he
took me from behind. His one hand played with my tits and twisted
my nipples as he thrust with an ever-increasing tempo. I was still
half-asl**p as I felt his warm sperm spray into me. There was no
more any doubt: I was Greg’s sex toy; his cum-dump whenever he
wanted. And I was satisfied with this situation.

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